[foaf-dev] Fwd: relationship vocab

Alexander Dutton lists at alexdutton.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 10:56:11 CET 2010

On 13/12/10 13:20, Kevin Pickens wrote:
> To put this in a practical form, a person may want to say that they
> work for the grocery store next to the pharmacy.  With the current
> relationship properties, that doesn't work properly.  They could
> assert that they are a foaf:Person who is rel:employedBy (assuming the
> definition is expanded) the grocery and that they are the
> rel:neighborOf a foaf:Person who is rel:employedBy the pharmacy, but
> that would generally be interpreted as "we're neighbours and we work
> at the grocery and the pharmacy, respectively."

Can I stick my pedantry hat on and say that you're conflating the
organisation with the buildings it occupies?

#me rel:employedBy #grocery-co .
#grocery-co org:hasPrimarySite #grocery-store .

Now that your building isn't also an organisation, if you want to use
rel:neighbourOf for both people and places then either buildings are
agents (feasible if e.g. they can phone the police if burgled), or your
rel:neighbourOf can apply to non-agents too. I'd reckon you'd want a
separate ex:adjoins property that applies between geo84:SpatialThings
(and that this is a different concept to neighbourliness).


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