[foaf-dev] alternate names for people

Houghton,Andrew houghtoa at oclc.org
Wed Jun 2 20:31:18 CEST 2010

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> Hi Andy,
> you are right, but I think there is something more, when people tend to
> use a different alias name then just the different name. Sometimes they
> create a whole new (fake) identity about this persona, so in my opinion
> this persona is another foaf:Person, which is related to that real
> person.

Whether a name is a different persona or not is yet another policy decision
made by an agent.  For example, I believe, the Library of Congress does it 
one way and the German National Library does it the other way.  There is no 
right or wrong here, it's just a different point of view, just like which 
name variant is chosen to be preferred.  What that says, to me, is that
these policy statement should be encoded in the data and if you chose to
use different persona rather than variant names, then the persona's should
be linked together in some manner.


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