[foaf-dev] Some proposals (specifically foaf:img rdfs:domain foaf:Agent)

Alexander Dutton lists at alexdutton.co.uk
Mon Jun 14 14:08:59 CEST 2010

Hi all,

This seems to have gotten lost in all the talk of vCard...

On 11/05/10 10:53, Bob Ferris wrote:
> 3. About foaf:Image:
> In the documentation this Concept is marked as a subclass of 
> foaf:Document, in the specification it no subclass of foaf:Document.

This seems to be present but commented out in the RDF...

> I 
> would define it as a subclass of foaf:Document. Why not also extend the 
> domain of foaf:img to foaf:Agent?

I support extending the domain of foaf:img  to foaf:Agents, and suggest
it may even be desirable to cast the domain even wider. It's possible to
have a representative image of (almost) anything, for example, buildings
and mugs, as well as more ethereal concepts such as solace and anger.
The latter cases may be a little contentious, but inanimate objects can
certainly be represented by an image.

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