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Wed Sep 15 11:13:11 CEST 2010


Safelayer’s FOAF Manager [1] is an experimental application that uses FOAF 
to import data from different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, 
LinkedIn, Hi5 or Livejournal. FOAF Manager includes different 
·       Automatic merging of different friend’s identities in a single 
FOAF profile
·       Editing, managing and publishing of FOAF files
·       Importing personal data from social networks or other FOAF 
·       Digital signing of FOAF instances

Some other applications available at Safelayer Semantic Web Trust Portal 
also use FOAF:
·       PKI Trust Center [2], which generates a FOAF profile from the data 
contained in a digital certificate and signs it, and
·       Interidy Identity Provider [3], a provider of identity attributes 
that allows the retrieval of information from FOAF profiles.

We welcome you to experiment with these applications and give us some 
feedback. To use all these apps it is necessary to fulfil a very simple 
registration form [4]: only a username and a password are required, in 
order to protect your personal data.


Ana Ballester
Semantic Web Trust Portal
swtp at safelayer.com

[1] https://sandbox.safelayer.com/foafmanager
[2] https://sandbox.safelayer.com/pkitrustcenter
[3] https://sandbox.safelayer.com/interidyidp
[4] https://sandbox.safelayer.com/swtp/register
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