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Mischa Tuffield mmt04r at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Sep 15 23:22:31 CEST 2010

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I have had a look at the foaf rdf you output here : 


And it is a bit odd, but a start I guess :)

I am not sure your subject URIs such as : 

<http://nnnnnk.myopenid.com/> is not really a foaf:Person it is ?

It looks like a OpenID URL to me. 

I would consider modelling your RDF differently, 

for example instead of : 

<http://nnnnnk.myopenid.com/> rdf:type foaf:Person . 
(The openid URL is a foaf:Person) which I don't think is true ...)

I would do change it to something like : 

_:bnode rdf:type foaf:Person . 
_:bnode foaf:openid <http://nnnnnk.myopenid.com/> .

(There is a foaf:Person, who has a uniquely identifying property, an OpenID, which is  <http://nnnnnk.myopenid.com/> )

Does that make sense ?

Good work, and yeah, would be happy to help you get your data into a nice state if you like. 


On 15 Sep 2010, at 21:40, Nikolay Krasilnkov wrote:

> Hello FOAF-project team,
> My name is Nikolay Krasilnikov. I'm PhD student in Saint Petersburg 
> State  University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (SPb 
> SU IFMO) and software engineer in Sun Microsystems (Oracle Corporation).
> My friend Nikolay Vyahhi (he is PhD student in Saint Petersburg State 
> University (SPb SU)) and I are prototyping some kind of social network 
> infrastructure based on FOAF and OpenId.
> The main idea is to split social network to standardized back-end and 
> substitutable front-end.
> Back-end is rather simple provider of social information based on FOAF 
> standard and OpenID authorization. It looks like this: 
> http://www.openpals.net/provider/http://nnnnnk.myopenid.com/ (slash at 
> the end does matter). Provider also supports some security settings.
> Front-end is any software (UI) that can browse this FOAF network. In our 
> prototype it renders FOAF to some kind of usual social network page. For 
> example here is my page:
> http://www.openpals.net/profile.html?id=http://nnnnnk.myopenid.com/ . 
> Actually we have two different front-ends — server-based that's located 
> on http://www.openpals.net and the one implemented as Firefox extension. 
> In the second one there are much more possibilities in integration of 
> different services.
> Description of idea with pictures:
> http://www.openpals.net/howitworks.html
> From the point of view of FOAF we have some simple FOAF parser, object 
> model and UI representation.
> Our model is rather simple now, but we are working on it.
> Also we are not great experts in FOAF and RDF, so it would be great to 
> get some expert feedback.
> We'd like to make our ideas live, organize a community and so on. But we 
> don't have much experience in this things. So we'd be very pleased if 
> you could give us some peaces of advice in this area too.
> Prototype:
> http://www.openpals.net
> Project:
> http://kenai.com/projects/openpals
> Best Regards,
> Nick.
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