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Mischa Tuffield mischa.tuffield at garlik.com
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Hi Jonas, 

On 5 Aug 2011, at 19:08, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> Hi Mischa,
> On 11-08-03 at 01:46am, Mischa Tuffield wrote:
>> Thought I would mail this list, as you foafs are the most likely to 
>> care.
>> I have got the foaf validator thing we worked on up and online again :
>> http://foaf.qdos.com/validator/
> [snip]
>> comments and feedback re: validator most welcomed
> I tried validating my own FOAF file:
> http://foaf.qdos.com/validator/uri?URI=http://dr.jones.dk/me/index.rdf
> I am puzzled about the results - seems to me that the warnings for tests 
> 1-3 is bogus as those allegedly missing declarations indeed exist in my 
> file.  Or am I composing my FOAF data wrongly?

Nothing in the validator is "official" or anything, it is just something I put together when I was processing lots of FOAF data a while back. 

With regards to why the validator is getting confused is because of the fact that when you parse http://dr.jones.dk/me/index.rdf none of the triples in the document talk about the URI which the document was fetched from. So yeah your foaf document has an rdf:type foaf:PersonalProfileDocument triple, but the subject of that tripe is <http://dr.jones.dk/me/> due to the use of :

xml:base="http://dr.jones.dk/me/" in your rdf:xml

FWIW, I believe the validator was only giving off "Warnings" not errors. If a crawler fetches a document at a given URI ,<http://example.com/foo>, it is fair enough for it to ask:

select ?type where {<http://example.com/foo> rdf:type ?type}

to find the type of the document this. Running a similar query on the RDF which is resolvable at the end of your foaf document URI (as pasted into the validator - http://dr.jones.dk/me/index.rdf) would returning nothing, hence the warnings. The other subsequent warnings are as a result of similar issues. 

> My FOAF file was generated from http://dr.jones.dk/me/index.ttl using 
> mkfoaf.sh available below http://dr.jones.dk/foaf/ .

yay to ttl :) I will have a look at mkfoaf.sh at some point ...

> Any other other comments and criticism on my (fairly large) 
> hand-maintained FOAF file is much appreciated.

Am liking your arabic foaf:nick, 
In Farsi we have a sound closer to the english "Je" than the arabic "You" sounding letter at the start of the foaf:nick, you could also add a:


Otherwise it all looks good, /me waves and says thanks in public for all the debian stuff you have been doing, THANK YOU! 

Mischa *goes back to watching "Walking Dead" ...

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