[foaf-dev] FOAF in RDFa, Using dcterms with foaf:Publication

Karen Coyle kcoyle at kcoyle.net
Sat Aug 6 15:46:02 CEST 2011

Quoting Bruce Whealton <bruce at whealton.info>:

> I was curious as to whether one needs to use a vocabulary like bibo:  
> bibliography for referencing publications, like books, magazines,  
> etc.  I was given that recommendation at some point.  Are there not  
> enough terms in dcterms to pretty much cover this?  It certainly is  
> less complex.  Does anyone have experience using this?

DC lacks specific terms for journal title (as opposed to article or  
primary resource title), volume and number, as well as page ranges.  
BIBO uses DC for title, agent, contributor, etc., but defines the  
journal article specific terms in its own name space.


> Regarding RDFa, for specifying foaf data.  I haven?t been able to  
> find an answer doing a search online as to whether various  
> attributes can be used on almost any tag or is it only a few tags.   
> For example, this is how I used foaf:depiction
> <img rel="foaf:depiction"  
> resource="http://brucewhealton.us/photos/BruceCloseup.jpg"  
> src="http://brucewhealton.us/photos/BruceCloseup.jpg"/>
> I don?t know if the resource attribute is redundant or not.
> Thanks,
> Bruce

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