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foaf.rdf file and then with xsl or xslt, I'd be able to make it viewable on 
the web.
Some of what I saw seems to be xsl that runs on the server in that we are 
getting back actual html files which is cool.
So, I wonder if anyone has tried to make this into RDFa, though I'm not sure 
how complicated that would be.

> On 13 August 2011 01:58, Bruce Whealton<bruce at>  wrote:
>> I wonder if anyone has done anything with converting LinkedIn contacts to
>> foaf.  I know that they publish vcard data of one's connections but much 
>> of
>> the vcard data can be related to equivalent foaf properties.  For the 
>> rest,
>> there would just be a need to represent the vcard or hcard microformat
>> information along with the foaf data.
> Try
> there's some more here
> pretty sure they used to have a linked in version ...

For LinkedIn, see:, then click on the LinkedIn button.

The underlying Linked Data transformation middleware is part of
Virtuoso. The latest cut of these cartridges (transformation drivers)
will be part of the next Open Source edition release.

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