[foaf-dev] javascript developer looking for a remote job

Boris Reitman boris.reitman at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 00:37:54 CEST 2011

Hi guys,

I'm a senior-level javascript programmer looking for a remote job. I
would work out of Vancouver, Canada.
If you know anyone looking to hire, pass it on.

My resume: http://random.hypervolume.com/boris-reitman-resume.txt

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  - Senior Web Developer: Perl, Javascript, ActionScript.
  - Reside in Vancouver, Canada
  - Can work in United States


  SolarEdge, Spring 2011
    - Interactive map of solar panel installations.
    - Zoom, pan, miniview, tree rendering, energy output graph, time animation.
    - Flex, Blaze, Webservices

  PlyMedia, 2011, April
    - Video-based ads in flash games
    - VAST ad-network integration
    - Flowplayer and JW Player
    - javascript, flash

  Skill-IQ, 2011 Jan - March
    - Human-Resources search engine
    - Lucene Solr customization
    - Test driven development TDD
    - Java, Perl, Php

  Play-My-Tone, 2010 Aug - Dec
    - Online editor for phone ringtones
    - Mp3 client processing, encoding, decoding, loading
    - Sound effects: fade, equalize. StandingWave2 framework.
    - Flex, Mate, Javascript, Webservices

  Kontera, Israel, 2010, 1 year
    - In-Text advertisements
    - 100,000 page views per day of my code.
    - Underlined words on Yahoo news articles.
    - Flash, Javascript, jQuery, performance optimization.
    - Ruby on Rails, JIRA integration, MongoDB, Agile development.
    - iPhone Safari, HTML5, SVG, jQuery mobile.

  CityTime/NYPD Bloomberg, New York, 2008 Nov - 2009 July
    Time Tracking system for NYPD (New York Police Department)
    Web Developer Javascript, Ext, XML/XSL
    - online time management application for City workers, including NYPD
    - 30,000 online NYPD users from New York area

  Actuality Systems, Boston, 2006 Feb - 2006 March
    Revolutionary 3D Volumetric Walk-around Display Technology
    Gentoo Linux Customizations
    - create a customized live gentoo cd for custom hardware
    - interface volumetric 3D display


  Sergata Outsourcing
    Senior Javascript, Flash/Flex Developer
    2009 Dec - 2011 Aug
    - Web development contracts with various clients, client-side & server-side.

  RichFX.com, New York
    Web Developer in Perl, Javascript & Flex
    2007 Aug - 2008 Nov
    - live rich media addons to online pictures
    - zoom, rotation and video effects on 3rd party merchandize
    - browser performance optimization
    - fast, simple and robust integration with 3rd party sites
    - jquery, dojo, ext, actionscript, flex

  RichFX.com, New York
    Web Developer in Perl
    2004 Dec - 2006 Feb
    - generating online catalog in Flash
    - develop workflow based online interface for catalog management
    - test-first development
    - clients: Walmart, Vogue, Disney, Crate & Barrel, and others

    Spam Filtering Algorithms
    2003 May - 2004 Oct
    - text classification theory
    - Bayes, genetic algorithms, gateway-based filtering
    - research in machine learning, KDD conference participation.
    - spamassassin, mail-filter interface
    - improvements in perl compiler
    - perl, pthreads

    Tech Lead
    - online interactive auction system
    - ajax application, ahead of its time (before the term "ajax" was coined)
    - oracle, xml, javascript, perl

  Coalescent Technologies Inc.
    Web Developer in Perl
    - object oriented map to relational databases, Tangram, Castor
    - develop fault tolerant distributed software
    - newsgroup distributed scraping
    - web frameworks research


  Broadway Florists
    Website and desktop software for an online flower store
    Sep 2004-2007
    - front end and backend solution for a complete online flower store
    - SEO, custom shopping cart, web-scraping and data-feed, affiliate
    - www.broadwayflorists.com
    - WxWidgets


  4 man-months of work
  - A donation system enabling micropayments without transaction fees
  - Referenced by Free-Software-Foundation on my.fsf.org/donate/other/
  - css, non-standard fonts, fixed footer, custom graphics
  - implemented in pliant programming language
  - Paypal and Bitcoin integration
  - OpenID integration, JanRain
  - Website gadget, Amazon CDN
  - Debian client package

  2 man-months of work
  - A collection of education and entertaining media
  - File conversion: .doc .ppt to .pdf, .wmv to .flv
  - Batch processing of emails, extracting attachments, MIME
  - Administrator management panel for approval of submissions
  - wiki-like editor for end users; information anonymizing
  - tools: perl, swftools, flash, open-office scripting
  - core implemented in pliant programming language

  CrossXHR, a solution for cross-domain ajax, using Flash
  - code.google.com/p/crossxhr/

  A demo site for the Pliant programing language
  - www.pliantcode.com

  SourceForge project for Pliant-Perl language integration
  - pliant-perl.sourceforge.net

  An online flower store, built with the Pliant programming language
  - www.broadwayflorists.com


  Embeddable widgets, javascript performance optimizations,
  cross-domain XHR, memory management, reducing memory leaks, IE 6 and
  IE 7 development, Firebug, Firefox, interfacing with Flash, jQuery, Ext, Dojo.

  Sample: www.lilianvernon.com -- Bags & Accessories
   - Pointing with mouse produces a smooth popup. 
   - Integration through script tag.


  Integration of perl into another programming language:

  Powerpoint presentation at NY Perl Group:

  CPAN: WWW::Mechanize::Pliant


  Online-TipJar Project (add-on to make donations)
  Add-on for Firefox & bookmarklet for all browsers
  2009 June - 2009 October
    - on demand, pops a window to make a donation
    - firefox: toolbar button, bottom corner button, highligted text context menu
    - uses Amazon CDN for fast delivery
    - full website with front-end and backend, to support the system

  Facemoods.com - (contract)
  Firefox Add-on to inject smileys into webmail applications
  2010 May
    - support GMail and other webmail
    - context-menu, toolbar button, bottom corner button
    - integrates with Facemoods internal API


  Contributed to Pliant Programming Language
  2003 - Present
  - ms windows compatibility (install, services, clipboard)
  - efficient and robust template engine
  - high-availablity web server
  - web engine similar to GWT
  - inline perl interface
  - web gadgets engine
  - comet support


  Design Patterns, Perl, Javascript, ActionScript, CSS, Flex 3, Oracle, PL/SQL,
  Postgres, object relational databases, WxWidgets, wxPerl, Win32 API,
  InnoSetup, Windows Services, Java<=>C++ interaction, Javascript<=>Flex
  interaction, Extreme Programming, javascript testing, flex testing,
  perl testing, Literate programming, NOWEB, LaTeX, linux servers,
  vserver, Amazon EC2, Google Gadgets, Facebook apps, Asterisk, DNS,
  Apache2/mod_perl, Vim, Bayes algorithm, Compilers, XML, TCP/IP stack,
  OpenGL, Twiddler, Machine Learning/Classification
  Firefox Extensions, Google Gadgets, Debian Packaging


  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
  Simon Fraser University, Langara College, 1997-2003
    - Computer Science: Compiler, Hardware, OpenGL, Microcontrollers, Complexity 
    - Mathematics: Cryptography, Graphs, Groups, Combinatorics, Linear Algebra, 
      Computer Algebra, Bayesian Analysis, Top 25% Putnam


  Vancouver, Canada


  gmail: boris.reitman

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