[foaf-dev] Visualizing/Persenting various RDF data graphically

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    I noticed that the BIO (Biographic information) and REL (Relationships) vocabularies are extended from FOAF and refer to this list for discussion.  I was creating files in rdf format that contain genealogy information. I will have it in one large file and also in individual files for each individual.  I found IsaViz which is a Java Program for visualizing or graphing relationships in a directed graph.  there are two problems.  One is that it is a desktop application so it is unclear how easy it would be to turn this into a web applet.  Secondly, while it does display any type of RDF data and does not need to know the terms that will be used, in advance, and it can still create a graph, the graph is not exactly what one might want in a Genealogy program.  Maybe that can be tweaked so that the average user can see the “family tree” and understand the relationships. 
        Can anyone recommend other approaches?  Having a family tree described in RDF and wanting to display it as a ancestry, or decendent or pedigree chart using some existing visualization tools.  And being able to present it on the web too?
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