[foaf-dev] FOAF-RDF-2-(X)HTML+RDFa-izer?

Bob Ferris zazi at elbklang.net
Sun Feb 6 14:47:17 CET 2011

Hi Jones,

Thanks a lot for your references, but I was really interested into a 
FOAF-profile-RDFa-izer. So the RDFa in the (X)HTML is the interesting 
part for me here ;)

Am 06.02.2011 13:14, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
> [FOAFer]:
> http://www.foafer.org/?file=http://dr.jones.dk/me/index.rdf

This doesn't include any RDFa, or?

> [FOAF-explorer]:
> http://xml.mfd-consult.dk/foaf/explorer/?foaf=http://dr.jones.dk/me/

This doesn't include any RDFa, or?

> [FOAF Visualizer]:
> http://foaf-visualizer.org/?uri=http://dr.jones.dk/me/

This doesn't include any RDFa, or?

All in all, these visualizers are note bad. However, they don't include 
RDFa at all.
My intention behind this need is that I would like to deliver i.e. XML, 
Turtle and RDFa serializations of my FOAF (RDF) profile. So that one can 
get a preferred representation when resolving my FOAF profile address.
An example of how such an intended (X)HTML+RDFa could look like is 
mhausenblas profile[1]. I guess, he used FOAFr to transform it ;)



[1] http://sw-app.org/mic.xhtml
[2] http://sw.joanneum.at:8080/foafr/

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