[foaf-dev] ResourceMe - Open source social network software based on rdf/foaf

bergi bergi at axolotlfarm.org
Sat Jan 8 01:46:57 CET 2011


Here a short description about the software I have written:

ResourceMe is (currently) a proof of concept for an open and
decentralized social network and more. The basic idea behind ResourceMe
is a single endpoint which describes yourself using RDF. The endpoint is
a HTTP URL, but can also be described as a WebFinger URL, which looks
like an email address. For your privacy, authorization can be controlled
on the property level using a ACL. The ACL data is also stored in RDF
format. ResourceMe is based on existing standards. If there is no
standard, an existing one is extended or a new one is defined.

Here the link to the complete document:

the bergi

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