[foaf-dev] Creating and Editing FOAF and related Vocab files

Bruce Whealton bruce at whealton.info
Sun Jun 12 07:53:38 CEST 2011

        I was reading the threads on  Editing the FOAF files and making it 
easy for non-technical people to do this.  It actually started back in May 
with Frans Knibbe asking how to edit FOAF profiles.  I think this is very 
important for the Semantic Web to become what it can become.  We must have 
tools for the average folks, not technical folks, to create and edit their 
profiles.  And we have to sell them on why this is important.  I could use 
help with that.
          My idea was to use either or both of Drupal and MediaWiki with the 
Semantic MediaWiki Bundle (SMW).  Using the latter one can setup templates 
that apply what SMW calls annotations, which are properties.  The 
article/page would be the subject of all such properties.  Somewhat 
similarly one could use Drupal 7 and create content types that are setup to 
link form fields with certain properties.  In both cases the doesn't have to 
think about RDF files and what they mean.  It would be the end result of 
what they are doing.
           What I am unsure of is this.  Drupal 7 and perhaps MediaWiki are 
creating RDFa files when they do this.  I haven't figured out how to ask 
this right when I've approached the question in other places, but with RDFa 
being XHTML files, is that going to work as is?  Or do we need to export 
these content items as RDF which I think both applications will do.  The 
question is, assuming we do need RDF and not RDFa, can this export of 
content as RDF be done automatically?
          I've also found it interesting to expand to using other related 
vocabularies like BIO for biographic information, or DOAC (description of a 
Career).  I'm not sure if I should publish separate rdf files or just one 
that has many different namespaces.  Sure, one might say that it depends on 
the application but from the standpoint of contributing to the Semantic Web, 
the web of data, if crawlers and navigators are looking for files with the 
name foaf.rdf then creating files with different names may not contribute to 
an understanding of how many foaf files are out there and it may not be 
helpful if people are looking specifically for foaf.rdf files.
Any suggestions?
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