[foaf-dev] FOAF for online profiles/accounts

Bruce Whealton bruce at whealton.info
Thu Jun 16 00:52:02 CEST 2011

Hello all,
            I wanted to see if I could get the proper format for including 
one's account information on certain Social Networking sites, such as 
LinkedIn and Facebook, within their foaf files.  I assume one would start by 
enclosing this inside <holdsOnlineAccount></holdsOnlineAccount>
Then inside there one could list with seeAlso links to profile pages.  Can 
someone clarify the format for this?  I would want to list, my username on 
the service, and if I had a profile and 4 pages, on Facebook, I'd want to 
have links to the profile page and to my Facebook Pages.  What is the 
correct format for this?
    For interests, do we use just text string values, or would we use links 
to either one of our own pages, or other pages that describe that interest. 
I see that on the page here: http://www.foaf-search.net/
I can see great value in connecting with others with the same interests.
          Lastly, the issue is CurrentProject.  As a web developer and web 
technology professional this is going to be a website which may or may not 
exist yet, as well as projects, that represent applications.  It wants to 
relate a Person to a Document.  So, to use this, should one produce some 
form of document on the web that will get updated as one progresses with the 
project?  I could use advice on this.

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