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Michael Haschke haschek at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 16 10:53:53 CEST 2011

Hello Bruce,

> LinkedIn and Facebook, within their foaf files.  I assume one would start by
> enclosing this inside <holdsOnlineAccount></holdsOnlineAccount>

I'm using it like below, since I've found an similar example described
as "best practice" (I can't remember the source):

<foaf:Person rdf:about="http://michael.haschke.biz/">
            <foaf:accountServiceHomepage rdf:resource="http://delicious.com/"/>
            <foaf:homepage rdf:resource="http://delicious.com/Haschek"
                    <dc:title>Bookmarks "Accessibility"</dc:title>
                    <dc:title>Bookmarks "Semantic Web"</dc:title>

Note: the Foaf spec suggests to use the alias foaf:account instead of

> the service, and if I had a profile and 4 pages, on Facebook, I'd want to
> have links to the profile page and to my Facebook Pages.  What is the
> correct format for this?

I guess there are various possibilities to describe that. You could
use sioc:creator_of as relation from your foaf:OnlineAccount to the
facebook pages, or just foaf:made to relate from your foaf:Person to
that pages.

>         Lastly, the issue is CurrentProject.  As a web developer and web
> technology professional this is going to be a website which may or may not
> exist yet, as well as projects, that represent applications.  It wants to
> relate a Person to a Document.  So, to use this, should one produce some
> form of document on the web that will get updated as one progresses with the
> project?  I could use advice on this.

If it is a (public) software project you could create a doap [1]
profile and relate to it via foaf:currentProject or foaf:pastProject.
But you could use most of foaf:Thing as object, e.g. foaf:Group or
just foaf:Poject. You could add simple descriptions of that stuff to
your foaf.rdf (not to your foaf:Person), e.g. simply using the dc [2]
vocabulary, and linking them from your foaf:Person. E.g.:

<foaf:Person rdf:about="http://haschek.eye48.com/">
	<foaf:currentProject rdf:nodeID="project.pollyblogstew" />
<foaf:Project rdf:nodeID="project.pollyblogstew">
	<dc:title>Polly Blog Stew</dc:title>
	<dc:description>Polly Blog Stew a german weblog about the Beastie
	<foaf:homepage rdf:resource="http://pollyblogstew.diving-robot.de/"/>
        <rss:channel rdf:about="http://pollyblogstew.diving-robot.de/feed/">
        	<dc:title>Polly Blog Stew</dc:title>
        	<dc:description>Atom-Feed of Polly Blog Stew, a german weblog
about the Beastie Boys.</dc:description>
        	<foaf:maker rdf:resource="http://haschek.eye48.com/"/>
    <foaf:depiction dc:description="Polly Blog Stew - T-Shirt-Motiv"

I doubt that using foaf is the best way to describe a working
portfolio, it lacks semantics what kind of project it is, e.g. client
work, personal, own startups, and what stuff you have done, planning,
programming, layouting, etc ... if anyone here can suggest a good
vocabulary to describe that stuff, please share.

If my examples are incorrect please tell me :)

[1] http://trac.usefulinc.com/doap
[2] http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/


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