[foaf-dev] Expressing twitter account name in triples

Alexander Gödde alexander.goedde at tavendo.de
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First of all: when is "foaf:twitterID" going to be added to the vocabulary? The model for this is clear from predicates such as "foaf:skypeID", and twitter by now has reached an importance comparable to the chat or messaging services that predicates are provided for in the vocabulary.

Second: I've had a look at the examples using "foaf:account" etc., like the one from the spec, which, adjusted for me + twitter, would read:

  <foaf:name>Alexander Goedde</foaf:name>
      <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/OnlineChatAccount"/>

Not only is this extremely verbose to express a by now everyday data item, but I also have a problem when flattening it out to triples. I can only do this using blank nodes, which I always find ugly. Any known workaround for this?

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