[foaf-dev] Expressing twitter account name in triples

Michael Haschke haschek at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 17 15:33:49 CEST 2011


2011/6/17 Alexander Gödde <alexander.goedde at tavendo.de>

> First of all: when is “foaf:twitterID” going to be added to the vocabulary? The model for this is clear from predicates such as “foaf:skypeID”, and twitter by now has reached an importance comparable to the chat or messaging services that predicates are provided for in the vocabulary.

No, please do not blow up the foaf spec with properties and classes
for all individual services! I would prefer universally usable
concepts. We already have foaf:account and foaf:OnlineAccount :)

> Not only is this extremely verbose to express a by now everyday data item, but I also have a problem when flattening it out to triples. I can only do this using blank nodes, which I always find ugly. Any known workaround for this?

No, you could even use IDs or resource URIs:

<foaf:Person rdfs:about="#you">
  <foaf:account rdfs:resource="#yourtwitter"/>
<foaf:OnlineAccount rdfs:about="#yourtwitter">
  <!-- describe it here -->

Or you try the semantic twitter service [1], but in my opinion it
delivers "wrong" content (foaf:knows instead of sioc:follows). I also
doubt, that Twitter is really a chat client like Skype, Jabber, ICQ,
etc, pp

[1] http://semantictweet.com/


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