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Bruce Whealton bruce at whealton.info
Thu Jun 30 09:54:52 CEST 2011

Hello all,
          I found this interesting JQuery application that displays the information in a FOAF file nicely in a browser.  I had some problems with it in different browsers.  The application is described here:
         Interestingly, when I put in the link to my foaf file, the data displayed did not match what is actually in the file now.  I updated my FOAF file and yet I was still seeing older copies of the foaf file.  I could write to the author but I’m curious if anyone else sees what I see or finds different results in different browsers.  I used the version of this for Standalone Usage and so I put this into the address bar of the browser:
The link to my wife should be:
http://foaf-visualizer.org/?uri=http://whealton.info/ElnazWhealton/foaf.rdf but I was seeing her maiden name in the link.  When I put in that link, for my wife, using IE 9, it says it cannot display it.
It’s just strange.  Though, in Firefox it’s pretty cool.
Does anyone know of any similar applications?
I found some Java tools but they seemed to run only after installing a bunch of things on my computer, which is fine unless you were looking for a way to present things online.
Also, it seems like it would be a challenge to display any kind of RDF/XML data as you’d have to have CSS styles for every single possible tag that you would use.
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