[foaf-dev] Visualizing FOAF Data

Michael Haschke haschek at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 30 10:54:20 CEST 2011

Hi Bruce,

> displayed did not match what is actually in the file now.  I updated my FOAF
> file and yet I was still seeing older copies of the foaf file.  I could

Did you used the visualizer during the past 48 hours? Then probably it
is a cache issue, try the nocache parameter:


> Does anyone know of any similar applications?
> I found some Java tools but they seemed to run only after installing a bunch
> of things on my computer, which is fine unless you were looking for a way to
> present things online.

You may check out http://foafpress.org/ what is a PHP application to
render RDF data (currently only for data stored in files) as HTML.
Right now it should be able to render foaf:Person and foaf:Group out
of the box. It also can create a merged activity feed. I checked your
Foaf with Foafpress here on my machine and it works (I'll send you a
screenshot in a personal email).


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