[foaf-dev] No name for agents or groups?

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Sat Mar 5 20:24:44 CET 2011

On 5 March 2011 20:19, Bob Ferris <zazi at elbklang.net> wrote:

> Yes, but currently there is no such sub class relation of foaf:Agent to
> rdfs:Resource (or at least, as it is more common for OWL-based
> ontologies, foaf:Agent to owl:Thing) in the FOAF ontology specification ;)

Those are implied by using RDF. Detail might vary depending on whether
you're a DL believer or not, but everything's an rdfs:Resource and
owl:Thing. Even if you don't bother saying so...

> Regarding SpecGen, I would suggest the extension I made up on your
> SpecGen version, danbri ;) (see [1]). It has proper RDFa and generates
> further relations of the ontology specifications.
> On the other side, it might be good to provide an overview graphic of
> the ontology, and maybe, if needed, further graphics that describe more
> in detail parts of the ontology, too.
> (I tried to do this for every SMI ontology ;), see [3] or a concrete
> example [4].)

Sounds good. There are quite a few forks of SpecGen floating around.
At some point it might make sense to flip things around and have the
HTML version be the master rather than the RDF/XML.... perhaps
integrated via http://dev.w3.org/2009/dap/ReSpec.js/documentation.html


> Cheers,
> Bob
> [1]
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/smiy/files/SpecGen/v6/specgen6.tar.gz/download
> [2] http://smiy.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/smiy/specgen/
> [3] http://purl.org/smiy/
> [4]
> http://smiy.sourceforge.net/cco/gfx/cco_-_cognitive_characteristic_concept.gif
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