[foaf-dev] What is the best way to edit a FOAF profile?

Frans Knibbe frans.knibbe at geodan.nl
Wed May 4 13:09:45 CEST 2011

Hello all,

This is my first message to this list...

I am just getting started with FOAF, using it as an example of how 
individuals can contribute to the web of Linked Data. I would like to 
persuade the people that I know to publish their profiles. So I am 
trying to find a user friendly way of creating a FOAF  profile and 
updating it.

As a first step, I use the FOAF-a-Matic. That works nicely, giving me a 
small profile to start with. But then I want to expand it. I want to 
share more information about myself, and link to people I know that also 
have a FOAF profile. That means I need an editor for my FOAF file. I 
have tried Morla, which does a good job of being user friendly. It shows 
the file contents as a table of subject-predicate-object triples. I can 
add the FOAF RDFS to the editor, after which it becomes easy to add or 
change the profile. But I notice a problem with Morla: it introduces 
absolute file paths in the file. By just opening the FOAF file and 
saving it without editing it, Morla has introduced file:/// resources. I 
believe that is undesirable.

So my question is: Can someone recommend a nice tool for editing FOAF files?


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