[foaf-dev] Question about expressing age using foaf

Alexander Gödde alexander.goedde at tavendo.de
Sat May 21 14:12:51 CEST 2011

First of all - first time mailing on any kind of developer mailing list. So somebody please let me know if I'd better mail specific people, or there's some other kind of faux pas I'm committing by this.

On to the question:
I want to add some info about the people at Tavendo to the company website and the blog. Part of that information is age. I don't care about the precise age - being off by a year either way doesn't hurt. It's just that I think age gives important information about the background of people, and often eases communication because you can make more correct assumption about others.
foaf:age serves well in principle, but I don't really want to have to update this information. It's just not a very satisfactory solution.
Then I thought about just giving the year of birth for foaf:birthday - but this doesn't take a year at all as far as the spec says.
So: Is there any way that I'm missing in which I could give the year of birth?

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