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Bruce Whealton bruce at whealton.info
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Hello all,
            I was wondering how common it is for people to use the XFN vocabulary with FOAF?  It seems like a natural compliment to FOAF and now there is an RDF version of XFN.  
The thing that I was trying to find was a way to designate whether or not a person I foaf:knows is also a client of mine, meaning I did web development for the person.  Perhaps there is another vocabulary that would address that type of data.

            I was also looking at Semantic MediaWiki and Drupal for publishing FOAF data.  I know Drupal even has a module that supplies a SPARQL endpoint.  Has anyone done anything like this with Drupal or MediaWiki.  The problem with MediaWiki, which might also occur with Drupal, is that each page can only represent one Class... as in one subject for the properties on the page.  RDFa allows for sections of a page to represent different classes or subjects in the triples that can be specified.  The problem with only one class to be represented on a one page is that it is very unclear how to represent nested data.  For example:
        <foaf:accountServiceHomepage rdf:resource="http://twitter.com" />

         There is also the problem of representing Genealogy information, in MediaWiki, if you want to use existing vocabularies, for that same reason.  One has to make separate pages and forms to handle this and that makes it much more complicated.  
Anyway, I thought I’d see if anyone had been using any of these applications, or the vocabulary mentioned in the first paragraph.
        I wouldn’t mind some feedback on the Genealogy application and some ideas.  I can provide details if it is of interest on this list.
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