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Wed Apr 4 18:17:33 EDT 2012

Nice overview...

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> From: Aidan Hogan <aidan.hogan at deri.org>
> Date: 5 April 2012 00:02:57 CEST
> To: pedantic-web at googlegroups.com
> Subject: [pedantic-web] An empirical survey of linked data conformance
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> Hi,
> The list has been a little quiet here lately, but some of you might be interested in the following paper:
> Aidan Hogan, Jürgen Umbrich, Andreas Harth, Richard Cyganiak, Axel Polleres, Stefan Decker
> "An empirical survey of Linked Data conformance"
> Journal of Web Semantics 2012 (to appear).
> http://sw.deri.org/~aidanh/docs/ldstudy12.pdf
> http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1570826812000352?v=s5
> /flagrant-self-promotion
> Cheers,
> Aidan
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