[foaf-dev] are these files valid FOAF?

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Fri Apr 20 10:52:52 EDT 2012

On 20 April 2012 15:43, Christian Ledermann
<christian.ledermann at gmail.com> wrote:
> I try to add foaf to my organizations contact and project data base.
> can you have a look at the links:
> http://iwlearn.net/con-info/contacts/mxmcontactsorganization.20050928Z122513.155/foaf.rdf

This one *seems* to parse OK as RDF/XML ... but when you look closely,
it isn't quite right.

It generates triples (statements/claims) that look like this:

<http://iwlearn.net/iw-projects/340/@@rdf> .



... indicating that Person and Project are being parsed as
relationships rather than as classes/types. And looking at the markup,
this is what you're doing:

... (in markup about
    <foaf:Organization rdf:ID="deb9c8a4e9ef8f8e24e2332d0ee5905f">
        <foaf:name>United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)</foaf:name>
<foaf:Person rdf:resource="http://iwlearn.net/con-info/contacts/mr.-anjan-kumar-datta/@@foaf.rdf"/>

... to make it more sensible, you'd need to  say "ok, what is the
*relationship* between that organization and that person?

I'm not sure what would be best here, formally foaf:knows is really
between people, not an org and and a person - see

but you could try wrapping foaf:Person with <foaf:knows><foaf:Person
... that would be closer to an understandable model, anyway. Then we
can look around and replace foaf:knows with some other named
relationship (or add something to FOAF maybe...)

hope this helps,


> http://iwlearn.net/con-info/contacts/mr.-anjan-kumar-datta/@@foaf.rdf
> and tell me if this makes sense to you?
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