[foaf-dev] are these files valid FOAF?

Michael Haschke haschek at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 21 16:55:29 EDT 2012


> ... to make it more sensible, you'd need to  say "ok, what is the
> *relationship* between that organization and that person?
> I'm not sure what would be best here, formally foaf:knows is really
> between people, not an org and and a person - see
> http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/#term_knows

Maybe (and I just can guess) foaf:member is meant here. I wished we
would have an inverse property of foaf:member, would things make
easier to say that a person is part of a group. Right now I sometimes
use foaf:currentProject but this does not feel right. Any other

Christian's foaf file contains projects. Foaf voc itself lacks a
property to relate a group with a project, any ideas here?


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