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Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche py.vandenbussche at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 18:23:28 EDT 2012


In the context of the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) project I lead with
Bernard Vatant, I made a review of the most popular vocabulary FOAF. It
appears that this vocabulary lacks of metadata and language information.

you can find a revised version of FOAF (based on v0.98)

As Dan suggested ,I list below the modifications I've done, a diff file is
available [here] <http://vocommons.org/foaf.diff> :

   - add xml:base to make explicit the default namespace (required for
   several RDF API library)
   - add useful vocabularies for the description of foaf metadata (voaf,
   vann, cc)
   - add issued and modified date
   - add version info
   - add voaf:Vocabulary type
   - add creators URI
   - add homepage link
   - add dc:rights
   - add cc:license
   - add vann:preferredNamespacePrefix and Uri
   - add xml:lang="en" on every english string
   - add french labels for each non archaic element

What else could be done :

   - add a isReplacedBy to archaic elements as it is usually some typo
   - some labels does not respect the common typo rules e.g.
   "topic_interest" -> "topic interest" or "PersonalProfileAccount" ->
   "Personal Profile Account" or "openid" -> "openID"
   - properties beginning with a capital letter e.g. Skype ID (I know it's
   arguable since it is a trademark )
   - use of plural form e.g. "publications" -> "publication"

I hope these remarks are relevant and useful.


Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche.
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