[foaf-dev] Mapping (tv and radio) programmes to their social media accounts

Michael Smethurst Michael.Smethurst at bbc.co.uk
Wed May 30 16:17:50 EDT 2012

probably garbled reply courtesy of webmail
>> I've been planning to publish mappings from BBC programmes to their social
>> media accounts on Facebook / Twitter / etc
>> The easiest way would be to use foaf:Agent and foaf:account and say the
>> foaf:Agent is same as po:Programme
>> Can a programme be an agent? Would declaring same as break anything
>> horribly? Or is there a neater way to do this?

> Sounds plausible to me. "Agent" is always a slippery notion, and
> because of that, it can save us sometimes from maybe needlessly rich
> designs. I'm sure in some contexts you might want to model a
> programme's associated teams in great detail, but for this case a
> simple 'account' link sounds fine.

cool, makes life simpler

> Use a real URI e.g.
> http://twitter.com/foobar here, rather than a bNode. And although we
> have accountName and accountServiceHomepage (or whatever they're
> called) imho these days 90% of the value is usually in a simple link.

yup, took your advice (via libby) on that with:
would it be worth updating the foaf spec to include that advice?

> Will you be able to share an aggregate of this data? The BBC site is
> so big that even though it has had all this great RDF for years, most
> of us out here don't have access to it in aggregate form.

plan for now is to publish elsewhere. heroku or some such.
should be a small enough set to make a dump available

> Having a list of these programme-related Twitter URLs gives a nice way
> of characterising other (less famous) users in terms of the celebs
> they (and their friends) follow or talk to - eg. for personalisation.

yeah, was my thought. should be able to directly recommend programmes based on followings / likes etc
for now just accounts linked to programmes. would be nice to be able to map all programme contributors to social media accounts. follow stephen fry > get programmes with stephen fry recommended. follow manchester city > get recommendations of football programmes featuring that team. comedians, music artists, politicians etc etc

> You can get some of it from Wikipedia or other sources but last time I
> looked, Wikipedia advised against adding Twitter URLs.

spoke to a couple of wikipedians and apparently advice is to aim for one link per person / org (usually the official site). understandable but the musicbrainz approach to storing multiple external uris per thing is very handy for identifier triangulation. one for wikidata?

>  Definitely some risk of creepyness though!

aye, as with all of this :-)

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