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Karen Coyle kcoyle at kcoyle.net
Wed May 30 22:34:34 EDT 2012

Dan, et al,

I would like to see "foaf:title" resolved. FOAF is being used for 
library data, and title (which is what it is called in library 
cataloging) is one of the elements that is relatively commonly used. I 
see that there is a note about changing it from "title" to "honorific." 
I don't think the term label is key here -- the definition will matter.

The RDA cataloging rules have:

1) Title of the Person [1]
   Definition: A word or phrase indicative of royalty, nobility, or 
ecclesiastical rank or office, or a term of address for a person of 
religious vocation.

There is also something called "Hereditary title" but that relates to 
families, not Persons.[2] The full gory details of titles can be found 
in Chapter 9 of RDA. [3]

IMO, FOAF "title" should be broader than RDA:titleOfThePerson, but will 
provide an anchor for it in the FOAF space. I wasn't able to find the 
reference in the issue tracker, and didn't see definitions in Portable 
Contacts (which has both prefix and suffix for honorific). A general 
definition including terms of address, honorary and inherited titles, 
and religious titles -- will probably do the trick.

In these examples (from MARC - thus pre-RDA but not far from it), the 
value preceded with "$c" is a title for a Person:

$aJohn$bII Comnenus,$cEmperor of the East,$d1088-1143

$aClaude,$cd'Abbeville, pere,$dd. 1632

$aJohn Paul$bII,$cPope,$d1920-


$aWard, Humphrey,$cMrs.,$d1851-1920.

I think this gives you a bit of an idea of the types of things that 
appear as titles. Terms like "Dr." or "Mrs." only appear when that is 
the specific title they have used as authors. As I say above, the FOAF 
usage would undoubtedly be broader and allow one to indicate a simple 
title of address, like "Dr." or "Mrs." or "Herr" or "professore" 
wherever it is appropriate.


[1] http://rdvocab.info/ElementsGr2/titleOfThePerson
[2] http://rdvocab.info/ElementsGr2/hereditaryTitle

On 5/30/12 6:00 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> On 30 May 2012 13:17, Michael Smethurst<Michael.Smethurst at bbc.co.uk>  wrote:
>>> Use a real URI e.g.
>>> http://twitter.com/foobar here, rather than a bNode. And although we
>>> have accountName and accountServiceHomepage (or whatever they're
>>> called) imho these days 90% of the value is usually in a simple link.
>> yup, took your advice (via libby) on that with:
>> http://foafminster.heroku.com/people/30464103.ttl
>> would it be worth updating the foaf spec to include that advice?
> Yeah, it's about time we shipped a new one.
> Anyone else got suggestions? I'd like to align the basic addressbook
> stuff with Portable Contacts (and schema.org) and do some general
> tidying. Anything else?
> Dan
> ps. (continuing the original thread as a sideline)
>>> Having a list of these programme-related Twitter URLs gives a nice way
>>> of characterising other (less famous) users in terms of the celebs
>>> they (and their friends) follow or talk to - eg. for personalisation.
>> yeah, was my thought. should be able to directly recommend programmes based
>> on followings / likes etc
>> for now just accounts linked to programmes. would be nice to be able to map
>> all programme contributors to social media accounts. follow stephen fry>
>> get programmes with stephen fry recommended. follow manchester city>  get
>> recommendations of football programmes featuring that team. comedians, music
>> artists, politicians etc etc
> Any idea what the situation is with G+? There are various curated
> circles, but not sure if there are APIs yet that give you links to
> wikipedia/freebase and so on.
>>> You can get some of it from Wikipedia or other sources but last time I
>>> looked, Wikipedia advised against adding Twitter URLs.
>> spoke to a couple of wikipedians and apparently advice is to aim for one
>> link per person / org (usually the official site). understandable but the
>> musicbrainz approach to storing multiple external uris per thing is very
>> handy for identifier triangulation. one for wikidata?
> Wikidata - maybe. The core team don't want to "do content" at any
> level, including imposing a type hierarchy. But they could collect IDs
> even if the page template machinery doesn't pull them all into the
> viewable pages...
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