[foaf-protocols] report from www2009 in Barcelona

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Sun Apr 26 10:08:13 CEST 2009

Foaf+ssl was well represented at the www2009 conference.

1. Tim Berners Lee mentioned it in his Wednesday keynote presentation  

2. I gave a short 10 minute introduction to foaf+ssl, with emphasis on  
the iPhone in the Thursday mobile widgets camp.

3. On Friday I gave a 20 minute overview of foaf+ssl in the social web  
camp, and answered a lot of very good questions.

4. Later on Friday we had a 20 minute workshop on foaf+ssl. This was  
perhaps the most educational for me. I think we should organize a lot  
more of these. There should be two types of workshops:
   - 15/30 minutes long user centered sessions to get people a foaf 
+ssl certificate and the opportunity to try it out on some web sites,  
and perhaps even to get it going on their cell phones.
   - 2 hours long ones for developers so that we can try developing  
new services or trying this out on new devices.

The Workshop

Here are some results from the workshop.

1. It is a pity that foafbuilder.qdos.com does not just give people  
foaf+ssl certificates. Because that would allow us to get some very  
short end user workshops going. Currently we still have the problem  
that we need to link the online acount to the foaf file, which just  
slows things down a lot. Perhaps if we can help qdos with a php  
library to do this...

2. Tim Berner's Lee was surprised by the WebId being able to point to  
an Online Account. This was done to help allow http://test.foafssl.org/cert 
  services to create certificates for users that they can point their  
foaf files too.
    We debated this in the thread starting here:
We can revisit it.

3. It would certainly be worth creating a certification service that  
would tell the user what rdf he needs to add to his foaf.

4. the login on http://foaf.me/activity.php and now http://foaf.me/login
does not follow the links from an OnlineAccount to the foaf file. So  
after getting people certificates using http://test.foafssl.org/cert  
we were not able to get a good foaf.me demo going.

    So all in all there was a lot of interest. We need to clearly get  
the whole initial experience to be a lot more fluid, if we want this  
to grow. Currently there are a lot of little unfinished pieces that  
explain why what we are doing is still very mysterious to people  
looking on from the outside.

    I hope to be able to organise a good workshop for spot2009.


[1] http://www.w3.org/2009/Talks/0422-www2009-tbl/#%2810%29

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