[foaf-protocols] foaf+ssl FAQ - was: call to arms

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Mon Apr 5 01:49:15 CEST 2010

> On 30 March 2010 15:00,  <henry.story at bblfish.net> wrote:
>> On 30 Mar 2010, at 06:16, Peter Ansell wrote:
>>> Not sure if the answers to these questions are widely known but I
>>> haven't been able to answer conclusively them looking through the few
>>> documents that relate to this very new technology.
>> I think we should add this email to the FAQ list. :-) I get asked exactly
>> those questions every time I talk. Which is making me think that Plato was
>> right: the world of ideas is real, as real as the physical world, and to
>> get from A to B in a particular geography one has to follow a certain path.
>> Everybody follows the path you have just followed....

I enhanced the foaf+ssl FAQ page with the questions that came up on this list
and added a few diagrams which I hope will make it clearer how it works.


Hopefully as the demos keep improving the need for readable explanation will 
disappear from view to most users.


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