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Sebastian Tramp tramp at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Sat Apr 17 11:38:47 CEST 2010

quote Story Henry (16.4.2010):

>>> pings are great, and recording pings is a great idea (you don't think 
>>> google don't do this already?). Bit over engineered - all you need is 
>>> maybe A -> B (hopefully URIs) and a timestamp.
>> I would like to think it was that simple too. But I am guessing that 
>> would require each foaf page to have it's own rdf store. If every foaf 
>> personalprofiledocument came with its own sparql store, a friend 
>> request could be as simple as telling the foaf person's rdf store to 
>> grab your foaf data,
> Hmm, why so complicated?
> Here is how one could do it with very simple cgis.
> 1. You use vi to edit your foaf file on http://mischa.name, and add a 
> pointer
>  :me ping:servivce </ping> .
> 2. At /ping you have a simple cgi, that received the post of a WebID as 
> described earlier in this thread. When it received one of those it just 
> logs the request somewhere.

And you do not even need this as your own service. If you add

   :me ping:service <http://pingback.aksw.org> .

the aksw pingback service will send an email to you, everytime someone 
sends a pingback to your :me resource and there is at least one triple 
where :me is in the subject in the source resource of the pingback.

And if you do not trust aksw, you can install our standalone pingback 
server downloadable here:


> I'd be happy to put together a little cgi in scala to do this. We'd just 
> need to agree on a URL for it.

I think it issnt a good idea to redefine ping:service (=> 
http://purl.org/net/pingback/service) for this or is there an easy way to 
distinguish between xmlrpc pingback and your suggested 

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