[foaf-protocols] Debugging results

Henry Story henry.story at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 00:34:38 CEST 2010

On 2 Aug 2010, at 00:12, Nathan wrote:

>>> http://bblfish.net/people/henry/card#me
>>> returns: N3
>>> issue1: ARC chokes on the .n3
>>> issue2: accept line was Accept: application/rdf+xml, text/rdf+n3, application/rdf+turtle, application/x-turtle, application/turtle, application/xml, */* - and .n3 was returned (surely it should have been application/rdf+xml the .rdf variant?)
>>> note: henry can you check your conneg if you have it enabled.

That is because you have not set any q value, and in the case of my
server the n3 is the preferred represenation. 

Ok - not really a good idea, for me to make my life easy, but also a good test case, to make sure people specify their q values correctly. 

> ^^ checking you noticed

yes, had missed that.

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