[foaf-protocols] First WebID Teleconference minutes (July 27th 2010)

Seth Russell russell.seth at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 16:12:58 CEST 2010

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 2:19 AM, Kingsley Idehen <kidehen at openlinksw.com>wrote:

>>    How on earth does the WebID from <http://kingsley.idehen.net> give
>>    you JSON? Put your WebID in the Address bar of any browser and you
>>    will get an HTML representation of your Profile (with RDFa
>>    embedded). Negotiate RDF/XML, N3, Turtle, JSON, OData etc.. and
>>    you will get those representations.
>>    What do you think your WebID is? Ditto your Structured Profile
>>    Page URL? Ditto your OpenID URL?
>> I have been laboring under the assumption, perhaps erroneously, that my
>> WebID is
>> https://kingsley.idehen.net/dataspace/person/sethrussell   and as you can
>> see from the attached  picture it is serving JSON.
>    You are losing me here.
> Your WebID (what's also in your x.509 cert) is: <
> http://kingsley.idehen.net/dataspace/person/sethrussell#this>

Ok, that does display my profile in IE, Safari, and Chrome.  In FireFox it
still wants to use the JSON.   I did install Jsonview  1.0 and that may have
put a preference for JSON in my FireFox applications.  I can see it there
and change what happens to JSON files, but i don't seem to be able to
remove it.  Oh well !

You know i would do that but as i have mentioned several times before none
>> of those URL's suit me as my WebID.   Instead i want my WebID to be
>> http://stikto.me/seth and i was kind of waiting until you could host
>> stikto.me <http://stikto.me> for that purpose.
> Yes, and you could simply instantiate an Amazon AMI and have exactly what
> you want: Your own Personal Data Space (controlled by you and hosted by in
> Amazon's EC2 Data Center).
> Links:
> 1. http://ods.openlinksw.com/wiki/ODS/ODSInstallationEC2 -- how to setup
> the AMI (kingsley.idehen.net/ods and id.myopenlink.net/ods are just
> instances of this) .

Interesting,  i'll check that out, thanks.

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