[foaf-protocols] WebID and Portable Contacts

Henry Story henry.story at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 18:36:19 CEST 2010

Hi all,

   in a discussion today with Harry Halpin one of the chairs of the
Social Web XG and chair of the GRDDL working group at the offices of
hypios in Paris, we discussed the very intriguing possibility of
adding GRDDL to Portable Contacts.

It is very widely supported by groups with very a lot of mindshare.

What we could do is the following:

1- see if there is an equivalent to a WebID that could be added to
portable contacts, ie a way of giving the users described therein a
URL that other documents can link to

2- see if we can work out a way to add an association to a public key
to portable contacts, and suggest that to their group

3- write a GRDDL XSLT and XSPARQL transform from Portable Contacts to
foaf, WebId, and see if they would be willing to publish this at their
name space.

I talked to Harry Halpin today in Paris, who worked on the GRDDL spec,
and he mentioned that it has a section on security that we could look

 I think doing something like this for Portable Contacts would show
the way for other formats like vcard to join the WebID movement. This
will then allow us to make the point clearly about what syntax
independence means.  It will also help us get massive deployments of
WebIDs, as it would very likely get very simple buy-in from that
crowd. This would then get them interested in joining us I hope giving
us all the more visibility.


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