[foaf-protocols] WebID spec http://bblfish.net/tmp/2010/08/09/index-respec.html

Stéphane Corlosquet scorlosquet at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 17:31:16 CEST 2010

+1 to specs with diagrams. It looked quite big at first sight but I'm sure
with a bit of polishing it'll fit perfectly in the document.

re generating the index.html, you can find some instructions at
In short, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+s, save as XHTML (source). To save some time in
light of tomorrow conf call, I created a new draft, ED-webid-20100809 which
incorporate Henry's changes as well as some other issues I committed in the
past few days with the following changelog: Updates from WebID community:
OpenID and OAuth sections moved to separate document, switched to the URI
terminology instead of URL, added "Creating the certificate" and "Publishing
the WebID Profile document" section with a WebID graph and serializations in
Turtle and RDFa, improved SPARQL queries using literal notation with cert
datatypes, updated list of contributors, and many other fixes.

Here is hoping Manu can push it to http://payswarm.com/webid/ so we can all
look at the same version of the spec tomorrow. For now it's at


On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 5:43 AM, Henry Story <henry.story at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have updated the draft spec now with sketches of RDFa, RDF/XML, turtle,
> and a placeholder for GRDDL. This is explained by showing how they all are
> representations for the same graph, which I have included as an image I
> created with OmniGraffle.
> I was thinking initially we should have a very minimal core spec and a
> number of specs surrounding this one. But I think now, after having followed
> the discussion over the past two weeks that we should perhaps do the
> splitting later if it is needed at all. The reason is that a lot of our
> discussion concerns issues with content negotiation, and that clearly if we
> don't cover that in the spec in an obvious and clear way, people will just
> ask exactly the same questions that have been going round and round on this
> list.
> Note the above is just tentative, but I thought we should at least add that
> in. We can improve the language and examples, and correct mistakes in due
> course.
> I have made this version available online here
>    http://bblfish.net/tmp/2010/08/09/index-respec.html
> And it is in github here
>    http://github.com/bblfish/webid-spec
> Btw, it would be nice to link this version to the previous one, and that
> one to this one. What is the best way to do this? Also how do I generate the
> final index.html ?
>        Henry
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