[foaf-protocols] WebID and CryptoStick

Crypto Stick cryptostick at privacyfoundation.de
Mon Aug 16 17:23:59 CEST 2010

>    Apartently there is no driver for the German Privacy Foundation's cryptostick on OSX, but there is for linux and windows. So those who are working on that platform you are in luck.

Here you will get an overview of supported and tested software and drivers:

PKCS11 driver for Mac OS X will follow later this year.

>    Jan, how much does a cryptostick cost? 

49 Euro. Here is the online shop: https://www.privacyfoundation.de/shop/

>    It would be interesting to find out how one can make cryptostick setup as easy as current foaf+ssl certificate generation.  Is there a way to get the key to generate a public/private key pair and have it then send the public key to the browser that could then send that on to a server for signing?

Keygeneration and storing on the Crypto Stick is easily possible. In
fact it can be done as you propose easily. The user has to press a
"generate key" button and select the Crypto Stick in a selection dialog.


>    Henry
> On 15 Aug 2010, at 06:37, Crypto Stick wrote:
>> Hi Bruno,
>>> Can't you just import the certificate you want (or generate a key-pair 
>>> on-board, a CSR and then import the certificate you want)?
>>> It's possible with the Aladdin e-Token (at least via PKCS#15/PKCS#11 
>>> interfaces using OpenSC/OpenCT).
>> Yes, indeed it is possible to import any certificate as you describe.
>> Jan
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