[foaf-protocols] WebID Implementations Table

Henry Story henry.story at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 11:28:00 CEST 2010

On 18 Aug 2010, at 20:45, Melvin Carvalho wrote:

> Hi All
> Was chatting to henry and since we're starting to have a few implementations
> now that allow WebID we were thinking about having a table of basic features
> that are implemented and putting it on the wiki.

That's a great idea.  Also everyone with an implementation should have access to the wiki, so that they can update changes. We can then use this to find more machine readable ways of publishing this and have it be more active, or make these claims testable and verifiable somehow too. But we should start somewhere. 

The table as is should be useful for helping people understand things we have been debating such as which formats are supported by everyone, what parts of the ontology (imagining we add something like support for DSA in addition to RSA) etc.

> *WedID Implementations*
> *====================
> *
> So far I think we have webid implementations from:
> henry - xwiki

I am more working on Clerezza now, but I should see if I can find someone at Xwiki to take on the mantle.

> manu - payswarm
> reto - clerezza
> kingsley - ODS
> melvin - foaf.me
> timbl/joe - tabulator (client side)
> stephane - drupal?
> caedes -- elgg?
> toby?
> nathan?
> Do you have a definitive URI for a test implementation?
> I'm brainstorming the basic functionality (we'll add more later) -- but so
> far I have (off the top of my head):
> *1. Basic WebID Functionality
> ==================*======

0. List (or pointer to list) of URLs that can be used to test the claims

> 1. Contains/publishes a FOAF profile

> 1a Supports RDF/XML
> 1b Supports RDFa
> 1c Supports Other
> 2  Can Create WebID Certifcate
> 2a Supports Fireforx / Opera / Safari
> 2b Supports Chrome
> 2c Supports IE (6, 7, 8 , 9)
> 2d Certificate generation adds triples to your FOAF
> 2e Can use multiple certificates with one account
> 3  Can login via WebID
> 3a Login via own generated WebID and display "hello" message
> 3b Has ability to login via WebID issued by another party and display
> "hello" message
> 3c Login via another party's WebID creates account as appropriate
> 3d Has ability to login via owl:sameAs identity
> This is what i have so far Henry also suggested scoring each item, perhaps
> 1-10 (TBD, but start with 5 for everything)

Though in many cases scoring would be more 1/0 since it is a functionality you either have or don't. The scoring is less important as explanations linked to it as to quirks, details of implementation, etc...

Some other topics to add as place holders

- supports ping protocol

- supports access control to friends of friends 
  (some support of foaf crawling)

- publishes access control (with pointers to how, as we are not so clear yet on this)

- webId page is openid

- shows different graphs to different social networks (something more subtle than just showing nothing or showing something). Perhaps public profile/access controlled profile idea

> so that we can see how we're
> doing with basic features, then moving on to more advanced demos such as
> pingback, access control and messaging etc., in the next phase.

yes. This can help us and new comers and idea of things they should implement to work together with all of us. It is growing the community that this is about.

> The idea was to put this on a wiki page, does it seem like a reasonable
> idea?

To me yes :-) But perhaps there are better ideas.

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