[foaf-protocols] Consensus on Web Identity presentation to W3C

Sarven Capadisli info at csarven.ca
Thu Aug 26 07:03:21 CEST 2010

On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 22:34 +0100, Henry Story wrote:
> I have put a little screencast called 
>    "WebID creation and use in 4 minutes"
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4dlMTZhUDc&feature=channel
> which I was hoping to present tomorrow both at the W3C meeting
> and at http://2010.blogtalk.net.
> It's not perfect, but it's what I could do in the time available to me.
> It's short, and I hope it makes enough sense, and gives some idea of how this works. 

Saw it earlier. Nice.

I wonder if we could and whether should skip the master password process
in the browser in future demos / screencasts. It would certainly:

* minimize extra cognitive load
* people don't have to wonder why they are typing in a password, since
WebID aims to eliminate it

I've just checked:

* Opera asks you to set a master password the first time you install a
client certificate
* Firefox skips this but allows you to set it later


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