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Google is going on the same track as Netscape did. Whereas Netscape became
enamored with its partnership with DoD, Google is becoming enamored with its
new partnership with NSA's info assurance division (that promotes practical
steps in formulating modern micro-kernel-centric design assurances). Chrome
is an OS, and properly separates the trust in a kernel from trust in a
browser (from trust/fidelity in social fabrics).


If you look carefully, you can see some of the steps Microsoft took about
18m ago to prepare for this new world of OS-mediated trust - as reflected in
its own crypto next generation libraries (v1.). It all moves the baseline
from the 1970s world of reference monitors to micro-kernels thread pools and
trusted processes; exploiting frameworks that can exploit more modern, fast,
ring switching architectures from the CPUs.


I'm not sure how mosaic-era browsers are going to survive in this world; but
we shall see!



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On 7 Dec 2010, at 18:27, Henry Story wrote:

On 7 Dec 2010, at 19:21, peter williams wrote:

You need to alter this, as it makes W3C dependent on the politics of IETF.


"IETF Transport Layer Security (tls) Working Group 

WebID depends essentially on TLS. The feedback and views of this TLS working

group will be very helpful in a number of ways. "


You need to decide early whether a webid is tied to URIs (https, for

example) or the protocol of the URI scheme (SSL). If you tie it to the

mechanism, I think you lose a lot - since layer 4 security is not for this

planet that much longer....

I think the word "essential" may be indeed just a teenie weenie bit too
But what we'd like is to get the TLS community to seriously look at what we
are doing
so that they can start thinking along some of these lines.... It could help
a lot.

But really the important bit is that TLS does give us the browser tie in.
If someone comes up with another scheme of course that would be great, but I
see that happening immediately either.


Regarding browser tie in, perhaps it would be good to see if you guys can
get Google Chrome OS types involved. I was at the launch of their chromeos
this week, and their operating system (which you can apply for beta access
to via some OEM laptop) is nothing but a browser and a kernel I guess. The
imagine that all of your interactions with your laptop, all of it will go
through Chrome. Perhaps they would be interested in looking WebIDs, or
perhaps they have some other TLS based browser cert action going on, I have
no idea. 


ChromeOS Website "Nothing but the Web"




Mischa *applied to get one of their laptops/os's via their pilot programme
(linked to from the above URL). 




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Hi all,


 We have a WebID Charter draft which we were thinking of submitting to the

W3C next week.




 If you would like to add your organisation to the list, or if you have

suggestions for changes, please let Michael and me know. The XG is intended

to be as open as this mailing list has been, but we will have some more

formal tools to play with to get the protocol finally tied down.




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