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So here is what I liked about the report: It was non-technology centric.

It also seemed to imply that several web-centric techniques (DOM trees,
nodesets, etc) could be improved upon so as to facilitate the processing and
logics being contemplated.
Lots of disciplines would be addressed if practice methods were to result
(and those methods are not only related to web engineering, or social
networking). Long term study topics found typically in law and social
studies were nicely captured; covering attribution theory, origination, the
basis of records and recordation, to contracts and negotiations.

I didn't like its explicit theory of trust, but I've never found trust to be
a tractable concept. Is best left as a conversational allusion. Or, if one
must, it's an implication of assurance theory. One can speak of
trustworthiness, however.

They seemed to have totally missed assertions, claims, and evidences - all
the stuff upon which SAML and openid are founded. Similarly, classical
analyses that exploits concrete data structures and domain organization
seemed to be explicitly avoided, sacrificed on the altar of hinting at
abstract reasoning. Policy administration/management as an instrument of
deciding and executing logics seemed to be a non-existent topic. Overall,
any and all practical engineering topics got short shrift. So absent was it,
one might assume it was intentional.

But, I enjoyed it. It's a credit to W3C - an organization Im finally
starting to understand. It seemed to do exactly what it set to do as an
incubator report: capture an agenda, and characterize who might care enough
about the topic to contribute.

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Possible Provenance Interchange Working Group coming up?  Will they be
interested in WebID?

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Hello All,

I'd like to add a bit to your holiday reading by pointing you to the W3C
Provenance Incubator Groups final report.

Provenance XG Final Report

The report highlights the requirements for provenance for the web and
semantic web and organizes the current state of the art. A key part of the
report is a roadmap for provenance on the web.


Concretely, it recommends the formation of a Provenance Interchange Working
Group focused on developing a *simple* common standard to interchange and
access provenance leveraging existing provenance vocabularies and

I would be great to hear your thoughts on this proposal.


Dr. Paul Groth (p.t.groth at vu.nl)
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group Artificial Intelligence Section
Department of Computer Science VU University Amsterdam
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