[foaf-protocols] new WebID Charter draft

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Ok then that's even worse. What we want is that folks with websso experience
(SAML and openid) feel generally welcome because of that background alone,
regardless of whether or not they have profiled websso for webids, before.

For example, after years of playing politics with the very notion of
gatewaying, the Shib group is now harmonizing discovery (based on signed
XRDs) with gateways that can take policy-instructions from the metadata -
and behave "suitably" when doing protocol conversion.

These are the kind of folks you want involved, so the general learning about
discovery (whether its FOAF and semweb based) or their stuff, could get put
into the eventual pot. If folks feel that it's a closed shop from the
outset, no one will bother to contribute their knowhow and use cases.

How about:

to describe and develop the range of potential relations between WebIDs and
OpenID, OAuth 
and SAML protocols, tokens and flows; considering existing work on
characterizing such relations in particular

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On 16 Dec 2010, at 00:11, peter williams wrote:

> to describe and develop the relations between WebID and OpenID, OAuth 
> and SAML bringing to bear the work that has already been done in this 
> space by various universities
> Remove "by various universities". There is no reason for this 
> restriction (or is there?)

Well the only work that I know combining WebID and SAML or SOAP have been
done at universities: Manchester and Southampton in the UK. There may be

> Of all the designer folks Ive ever met doing openid of SAML, about 3 
> have anything to do with university research programs (e.g. Shib in 
> Internet2 land). The rest are in startups, industrial R&D labs, or 
> firms that do nothing else apart from design websso products....

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