[foaf-protocols] new WebID Charter draft

Henry Story henry.story at bblfish.net
Thu Dec 16 01:13:18 CET 2010

Ok, applied Peter's changes, commited them and pushed them in git,

IT's now here

Same thing, any other error reports are welcome.


On 16 Dec 2010, at 00:48, peter williams wrote:
> How about:
> to describe and develop the range of potential relations between WebIDs and
> OpenID, OAuth 
> and SAML protocols, tokens and flows; considering existing work on
> characterizing such relations in particular

> "current WebID implementations function with TLS. The feedback and views of
> the* TLS working group will be very helpful in a number of ways. This should
> not to understood as limiting consultation to classical TLS technology over
> TCP, but can include the topics within IETF's DTLS (RFC 4347), or TTLS
> (RFC5281), or other similar re-purposings of the SSL handshake. The
> relevancy of newer encryption techniques for communication protocols (such
> as "authenticated encryption") are the kind of topic it would be useful to
> have feedback on too."

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