[foaf-protocols] new WebID Charter draft

Henry Story henry.story at bblfish.net
Thu Dec 16 10:48:30 CET 2010

On 16 Dec 2010, at 00:17, peter williams wrote:

> "1.2 Out of Scope 
> Making the protocol complex by attempting to solve all problems. "
> Enumerate the classes of things that are out of scope: e.g.
> Interoperability considerations with operational or historical https

Not sure. Don't see why one should put that out of scope.

> Worrying about the implications for export grade ciphers

Did not even think about that.

> Mappings onto API frameworks

People mean so many different things by API frameworks, that this is a bit dangerous.

> Tracking IETF TLS I-Ds (focus only on RFCs)

> Consideration of must/should/ topics, for such as FOAF document notations

I think that could be in scope. But I am not sure what you mean.

> Applicability Statements
> Coherency analyses with web architecture 

No I think we might do that.

> The above are not hard to formulate. They are basically what IETF/IESG  does
> for a standards track efforts, that we don't do in an incubation exercise.

I think it is better left vague what is out of scope. An XG is a very light weight
process, and I think we all pretty much understand here where we want to go. So
out of scope will be pretty much anything that sidetracks us from getting there.


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> So I tried to apply the suggestions put forward by everyone on this list.
> Here they are. 
> http://bblfish.net/tmp/2010/12/15/webid-charter-draft.html
> With github changes here
> https://github.com/bblfish/webid-spec/blob/master/webid-charter-draft.html
> As previously, Feedback is welcome.
> We can then start the process tomorrow hopefully.
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