[foaf-protocols] new WebID Charter draft

Kingsley Idehen kidehen at openlinksw.com
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On 12/15/10 6:48 PM, peter williams wrote:
> Ok then that's even worse. What we want is that folks with websso experience
> (SAML and openid) feel generally welcome because of that background alone,
> regardless of whether or not they have profiled websso for webids, before.
> For example, after years of playing politics with the very notion of
> gatewaying, the Shib group is now harmonizing discovery (based on signed
> XRDs) with gateways that can take policy-instructions from the metadata -
> and behave "suitably" when doing protocol conversion.
> These are the kind of folks you want involved, so the general learning about
> discovery (whether its FOAF and semweb based) or their stuff, could get put
> into the eventual pot. If folks feel that it's a closed shop from the
> outset, no one will bother to contribute their knowhow and use cases.
> How about:
> to describe and develop the range of potential relations between WebIDs and
> OpenID, OAuth
> and SAML protocols, tokens and flows; considering existing work on
> characterizing such relations in particular


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> On 16 Dec 2010, at 00:11, peter williams wrote:
>> to describe and develop the relations between WebID and OpenID, OAuth
>> and SAML bringing to bear the work that has already been done in this
>> space by various universities
>> Remove "by various universities". There is no reason for this
>> restriction (or is there?)
> Well the only work that I know combining WebID and SAML or SOAP have been
> done at universities: Manchester and Southampton in the UK. There may be
> others.
>> Of all the designer folks Ive ever met doing openid of SAML, about 3
>> have anything to do with university research programs (e.g. Shib in
>> Internet2 land). The rest are in startups, industrial R&D labs, or
>> firms that do nothing else apart from design websso products....
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