[foaf-protocols] new WebID Charter draft

peter williams home_pw at msn.com
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Perhaps there is a deal to be done, on this note.

Any vendor not already a W3C member, that can demonstrate an implementation,
can get cast as an expert.

It strikes me Cisco could make a huge contribution here to the semweb,
particularly with the firm's focus on cloud platforms. They have a CA built
into the router, with a suitably flexible enrollment protocol (SCEP) that I
helped them design more than a decade ago, they can build any SSL variant
protocol they like in a week, and their main claim to fame is that they
encode and distribute dynamically-updated router tables as 5-tuples, that
can support 64Gps wire-speed lookups in commodity hardware (when routing
packets, enforcing VLANs/VSANs, doing layer 3 path failover etc). IF they
can do this, they can easily make a semweb variant using quads (labeled
triples) as a complement. They just need a focused first deliverable, that
makes a real market.

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On 16 Dec 2010, at 12:12, peter williams wrote:

> But, since I'm not a member of W3C I don't really know why I'm 
> worried, since I won't be there under the rules!

Why? No, I think we will be very open to invite anyone. People with
implementations get pretty much automatic invited expert status I'd say.


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