[foaf-protocols] new WebID Charter draft

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Id guessed that already. I was thinking more of your 1 or 2 man startup,
that wants to grow fast so a cisco (and any one of 100 other firms) buys
them out...cos its faster than boostrapping an internal team.

We have to play the game the way it actually works! Cannot be too pure, or
overly academic. There are 4 other contenders for the throne... The web has
to win because of connectivity, momentum, foresight and the right politics
edge to capture the sensibilities of huge populations.

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On 17 December 2010 02:46, peter williams <home_pw at msn.com> wrote:
> Perhaps there is a deal to be done, on this note.
> Any vendor not already a W3C member, that can demonstrate an 
> implementation, can get cast as an expert.
> It strikes me Cisco could make a huge contribution here to the semweb, 
> particularly with the firm's focus on cloud platforms. They have a CA 
> built into the router, with a suitably flexible enrollment protocol 
> (SCEP) that I helped them design more than a decade ago, they can 
> build any SSL variant protocol they like in a week, and their main 
> claim to fame is that they encode and distribute dynamically-updated 
> router tables as 5-tuples, that can support 64Gps wire-speed lookups 
> in commodity hardware (when routing packets, enforcing VLANs/VSANs, 
> doing layer 3 path failover etc). IF they can do this, they can easily 
> make a semweb variant using quads (labeled
> triples) as a complement. They just need a focused first deliverable, 
> that makes a real market.

Cisco is a W3C member:


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>> But, since I'm not a member of W3C I don't really know why I'm 
>> worried, since I won't be there under the rules!
> Why? No, I think we will be very open to invite anyone. People with 
> implementations get pretty much automatic invited expert status I'd say.
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