[foaf-protocols] WebID - mandated syntax or market solution? was WebID Incubator Charter draft

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Perhaps the concept needs fleshing out a bit more.  Could be a good topic of
discussion when the XG kicks off.>



It already kicked off, on the wrong list, with no formality and little
ceremony. In my view, moving it from this address would be a disservice.
It's the only foaf "protocol" that anyone has discussed in year, and might
as well keep the tradition alive. Traditions are important, in a world
without form.


It will be interesting to see how this works out. The only contribution I've
ever been able to make in years of standards work is by debating the issues
on mailing lists; influencing, challenging and motivating the flock
continually to sense its environment whilst keeping a focus on the target of
the migration: mass adoption of stuff not done before.


A trick that the IRTF/IETF PEM folks had (as that era's squadrons of birds
migrated over at least to re-form up what led to the SSL world we have
today) was to have 2 lists: one like this (pem-dev), and another for folks
who can actually write specs that pass academic muster (unlike me). The
interplay between the 2 groups built a working model trust, based on a
dialectic. One can politic in the writing committee all one likes, but it
still has to pass the real world test: no holds barred public discussion.
Embodying the dialectic in the process build the necssary dialectic for the
real world of users into the design.


Strange to think of all those conservative ex-NSA type in the PEM world as a
bunch of dialecticians, borrowing from the Germans/Russians!




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