[foaf-protocols] wot I think we dont want...

Daniël Bos (远洋) corani at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 06:10:20 CET 2010


I totally get what you are saying. Having thought about this mess for
a while, what I would like to see is something like this.


I arrive at a Random Website, read Article XYZ, and want to comment on
it. Below the article is a text box where I can enter my comment and a
button "Submit using my WebID". I enter my comment, press the button
and my browser asks me how I want to identify myself. I choose the
option for my favorite Social Network, and the comment is published.
Random Website pulls up my name, avatar and link to my website using
the information provided by dereferencing the WebID I provided.

What would be even better is this: after choosing my favorite Social
Network, the Random Website redirects me there (or shows an overlay,
or whatever) My Social Network then asks me, "you are commenting on
Article XYZ on Random Website. What would you like to do":

[x] Subscribe to Random Website and receive updates of new articles?
[x] Follow Article XYZ and receive updates of new comments?
[x] Share Article XYZ with your followers?
[x] Share your comment on Article XYZ with your followers?

After approving the options I want, my comment is posted in my private
(or public) stream, and is subsequently pushed to the Random Website.

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