[foaf-protocols] more wordpress (hosted) as an IDP. help on the RDFa...

peter williams home_pw at msn.com
Mon Dec 20 17:23:02 CET 2010

Having made my hosted wordpress blog act as an openid IDP and talk to disqus
and googlish-sites, help need to make things more like webid.


1.       The site supports https, with a server cert. IE behaves nicely on
that site, providing warnings about script popups and insecure areas -
warnings not provided without https. https is "more than comsec for HTTP"
that is. Its IE's interpretation of the https: scheme (vs HTTP the

2.       I want to make a blog post that incorporate some RDFa, playing the
role of the FOAF card in the FOAF+SSL prototype webid protocol. Anyone got
one already (for hosted wordpress)?

3.       I want to do the same thing where I post a comment to myself, where
the (HTML) comment contains RDFa tags that might be treated as a FOAF card.


If this falls out naturally, it doesn't seem much of a stretch to go to
wordpress folks and have them run a beta area, turning on SSL ability to ask
for a client cert when running the https: scheme. 


They might ask for the webid's client cert only when the openid flow is
occurring (AND the blog already has an administrator session open, using
cookies probably).


Rather than do anything fancy, the client cert simply needs to have any URL
that points to any blog entry or posted comment. Checking that said URL
does at least deference (specifically to my little area of the linked data
graph), it allows openid to continue. It might even stick the URI in an
openid AX attribute, unsolicited.


Just trying to make a first pass implementation, doable in a day.


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